Friday, January 13, 2012

What Was Your First Love Like?

Everyone has a first love.  Usually the first love doesn't last forever, but we always seem to remember it.  When was your first love?  Was it puppy love?  Did you have a first love with your childhood crush?  Was it with a best friend?  Did it last a long time?  Was the first kiss really awkward?

My first love wasn't really until I was in college.

I had crushes in grade school and all through junior high and high school.  In grade school, there were two boys that I had a crush on.  In the little grades, I can remember bringing my class picture into my bed.  I would play eeny meany miny moe and then the last boy that was left over was going to be the one that I was going to have as my boyfriend.  I remember doing this little ritual with my class picture every night before I fell asleep.

In junior high I had crushes on several different boys and probably dreamed about them.

In junior high, I had a boy call me on New Years Eve.  He wanted to be my boyfriend.  I think it only ended up lasting for the phone call and a week after that.

In high school, I had a boyfriend at school for about two to three weeks.  He was italian and was one of thirteen children.  It didn't last very long.  I think he became my boyfriend, because he was one of three boys that were hanging out with my small click of girlfriends.  My friends were a little more outgoing and some of the boys liked to hang around us.  And it ended up that he kind of liked me.

But my first love, was a high school guy who I met up with in college.  It was the first real love that I had.  We went out with each other for a good year and a half or longer.  I really loved him.  He was the first one I had sex with.  I think you always remember the first person that you open up your heart to.

I idolized him and I was quiet and kind of clung to him at parties sometimes.  I had a hard time being apart from him when we were mingling at parties.  He was definitely a party guy and was in with the popular crowd, that also happened to be a group of partiers, smokers, pot smokers and more.  Some of his friends had red faces due to a lot of drinking.

I was shy, and he liked to mingle with other people.  I often felt uncomfortable when he would leave me for a little bit. 

We ended up breaking up a few times.  He broke up with me the first time.  We were in the car and he even wanted one more kiss before it was the end.  It was awkward.

The second time, I broke up with him.  I moved all my stuff out and left.  He tried to get me back, but I wouldn't budge.

We were just too different and he was unstable. 

But you never forget your first love.  It is all new and the first love experience.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 13, 2012

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