Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Your Life Like a Fairy Tale?

How much is your life like a fairy tale?  Do you feel like Cinderella?  Do you feel that you were born to be her?  Do you have a Cinderella complex where your life has to be a fairytale or not at all?

As a child we grew up to believe in fairy tales.  There was Snow White who was the fairest one of all.  And then there was the evil ugly Queen with the poisonous apple destined to kill.  And remember, the huntsman couldn't bear to cut out her heart and give it to the queen.  She really did deserves the pig's heart.

In all these fairy tales, there is always a beautiful princess and the wicked witch.  The beautiful princess is always the most exquisite girl in the world and she has the kindness of a million years.  There isn't a mean bone in her body.

Belle was also beautiful, and her evilness ended up being Gaston.  He wanted to kill the Beast who was really not who he seemed and was a prince inside waiting to be released.

I don't know about Alice in Wonderland.  She was really pretty, yet I think she was just a dreamer.  No prince in sight there.

And there was Arielle who was also a fair mermaid and Ursula who desired her beautiful voice.  And Arielle was a girl who wished for something that in real life could never be.

Which girl are you?  Are you Cinderella, Snow White, Arielle, Alice or Sleeping Beauty.  I guess Sleeping Beauty was the curious one.

Are you like Cinderella and you have to have the perfect life, the perfect man, the perfect children, the perfect home and to go with it the wicked stepmother.  Or maybe in real life the wicked stepmother is your mother or your mother n law.  The wicked one is always one in real life that wants to be mean to you.  It's the person who wants to make sure that your life isn't perfect like a fairy tale.
And with her, you get the jealous step sisters.  Or maybe in real life it is the jealous friend who wants what you have and would like to take it away from you.

Or if you are Snow White, perhaps you are dreaming about escape.  A way out.  Maybe you are in an abusive relationship.  And you are a fair maiden and you are looking for new love.  And it comes in the shape of a dwarf or something else.  Snow White is a good singer.  Maybe you possess her voice.  The scene that always made me fascinated was when she was running through the forest and got caught on the branches.  Maybe you're that girl that is always getting caught in a web of lies and deceit.  Maybe there is mystery to your life that is going to unfold in some point in time.

Or if you are Belle, you strive to look within the ugly person and see something absolutely beautiful.  Maybe you are that girl who has a change of heart and is willing to love someone for the person that he is inside.  Yet perhaps if you are Belle, you are a family girl and your roots run deep.

Or if you are Arielle, perhaps there is something missing from your life and you want something that is beyond your reach.  You have to deal with the cards you are dealt with.  Are you a girl that is never satisfied with what she has and always wants something more.  Are you high maintenence?  You need more to fulfill your life?

Or if you are Sleeping Beauty your curiousity gets the best of you and you get into trouble sometimes.  Yet, your Mr. Right longs for you.

And if you end up being Alice, then you're probably most definitely authentic with crazy dreams.  You are definitely a creative creature who doesn't want her nose in a book.  She would rather live it.

And do you ever think your life is like a fairytale?  Some people do end up living in a fairytale life.  We get the perfect man, the beautiful children and the beautiful home.  But is it really beautiful?  Sometimes things are never as they seem.  Yes, some people actually live the fairytale dream and are happy forever.

But some princesses think they are in a fairytale, and then they end up in their private hell.  And nobody ever knows it.  Until you hear about divorce, death and loss of happiness.  They thought they had happiness and the perfect life, yet they didn't.  It was a figment of their imagination.

And then there is the dream that as little girls we all long to be real princesses.  It's the stuff that dreams are made of.  Princess Di was a princess and what did she get?  The paparazzi and a car crash resulting in death.

And as children, we sometimes dreaming of being famous and an actress, actor or other famous person.  And then we look at these famous people and they get their fame, but at a price.  They lose their privacy and can't get their private life back.  Who wants to be hounded all the time by photographers?  That's got to be no fun.

Do you think that they all live a fairy tale life?  Probably not.  I'm sure it must have it's perks, but it also has many other things involved.  What about that sicko who wants to stalk them?  The fanatic fan?  It probably makes their life a living hell and certainly no fairy tale.

So fairytales are lovely, but don't rely on ever having the perfect fairytale life.  It usually doesn't exist.

Not in our not perfect world.  I would rather have things not so perfect, but nevertheless happy.  We can sort of live a fairy tale life as long as we know that the fairy tale also comes with some flaws.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 12, 2012

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