Saturday, January 7, 2012

NaBloPoMo entry number two day seven

Well, I have finally made it back for a quick second post of the day.  I am going to amaze myself that I am doing this.  I was back and forth for a little bit on Ebay.

I had a girl receive my Tammy doll that is vintage.  Well, she seemed to find some flaws in her face paint, that seemed so miniscule to me.  She pointed out a speck on each of the eyes and one on the lips.  Well, when I looked at the pictures, I couldn't believe how small the specks were.  I must have been blind because I couldn't even see them.  She must have a microscopic magnifying lense.

Well, I have told her I will give her a refund when she returns the doll.  I think I should have the item returned before I give a refund.  What if I was to give her a refund and then she never sent the doll back.  Anyway, I told her I would refund her but I also told her that she was nit picking and that she was crazy.  She deserves a little insult.

I mean, she's talking about microscopic stuff that can't be seen with the naked eye.  She must be delirious.

So, I've had enough of her for this evening.  I think she is wanting an immediate refund or else she is going to give me negative feedback.  I think she also needs to respect my wishes that I need to see that the item is returned before I give a refund.

A similar thing has recently happened to me where I needed a refund.  Well, I was told I had to send the item back first before I got my refund.  So I had to comply with the person's wishes and she will have to conform to my wishes too.

And then, i received emails from people who wanted to know how much something cost to ship to Russia.  I responded and said I am not going to bother, as you didn't even begin to reach my reserve price of $300.  Here I am thinking, "Nobody is going to get a $300 antique doll for $23 bucks.  I would have to be nuts to let someone have a deal like that.

So, I packaged up a second Tammy doll to someone else who won her.  I put a note in letting her know what the other girl complained about and that I hope that this other buyer isn't going to do the same thing.

So as I got kind of fed up with Ebay for a little bit, I began to go to Triond and Wikinut.  I learned that both sites will let you publish the same stuff so that you can maximize your revenue on your writings.  So I went into Triond and started copying all my poetry publications and added them to Wikinut.  I think I did about thirteen of them and then I wrote a few extra articles at Wikinut.   The only thing I don't like as much is that Wikinut makes you wait a little longer before your stuff is published.

Then I went back to Triond and published a bunch more recipes and a few poems. 

A little while ago, I also got a message from Wizzley, so I decided to go there and publish a few things.  It had been a while since I had been to Wizzlely so I knew that I was due to come back.

Well, that's it for tonight.  I'll come back tomorrow and link you to a bunch of my other stuff.  I'm about ready to call it a night and find myself a pillow.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 7, 2012

I'm not sure what type of dolls these are, but they are along the lines of Bratz dolls and My Scene.  The modern dolls.

If anyone likes paperdolls or knows someone who likes paper dolls, check out my paperdoll post on each of my blogs where my paper dolls are for sale:  The Official Paper Doll Blog 

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