Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Stick with Writing Online and Earning

Okay, here is my second post on this blog today.  I'm on a roll!  I've just been to my mommie dearest blog and nablopomoed there a short while ago.  I'm surprising myself today.  I think I must have written about seven to eight articles this morning on Helium. 

I have yet to earn on that site.  I will stick with it a little bit to see what happens.  Maybe it is because I am new there and haven't established a creative writing score yet.  Everything surely does take time. 

How do you stick with writing online to earn money?  It is really hard.  No writer will tell you that it is easy.  It takes a tremendous amount of time and patience.  What should really matter is the fact that you love to write and you need to make yourself stick with it.

Now, I'm ripped.  I was just writing here, had a lot written and something just sent me out of here.  When I just arrived back a lot of my writing disappeared.  Holy nuts!  Pain in my rump!  Literally!

Write about what you know.  If you try to write about things you don't know about, you might get someone reading your article and they are going to click away to somewhere else.  They will think, this person doesn't know what he is talking about. 

You should be making yourself write all the time, especially if you want to really make money online writing.  You need to be active.  I think that is the secret to all these writers success is that they are very active.  You also have to make sure you are writing quality stuff.

It also helps to go to yahoo trends or google trends often.  You might find things that you know about and want to write an article about it.  People really like to go and read stuff that is going to help them out in some way.  They also like a site that has very interesting writing.  You've got to learn how to hold your writers interest and wet their whistle. 

You want them to stay and read and leave with emotions.  You want them to be moved by your stuff. 
It's like writing a novel.  You need to have a beginning, middle and ending.  Your heroine and hero need to be believable.  You want your reader to really be able to relate to the characters.  You don't want them to be disgusted with the characters and think I can't believe my hero just did that.  It is so out of character for them.

Like in one romance novel I wrote once.  I had it edited by a local editor.  Well, she had highlighted and written notes on some pages.  Like, "Here we lose respect for Evangelean and Gauthier because Gauthier was shallow and Evangelean can't seem to face the fact that she knows that her husband Tom is cheating on her.  She keeps being passive and doesn't confront him.  And in another instance, I had forgotten to include that Evangelean and Tom got a babysitter for their four girls.  They both just left the house for the night without getting a babysitter.

Needless to say, I have rewritten and edited that one and I still have to come back and write it again and finish editing it.  That one has been three years in the making total and will be going on four or five years.  I'm currently wrapped up in my three new novels.  Which I have been procrastinating and need to write new chapters.  Maybe later this week.  Right now I am just concentrating on writing online and blogging every day.

I was pleasantly surprised today by my first comment on my blog.  She was glad she found my blog and will be back.  That was cool.

It's always fun when you start to get comments from people.  I like going to igoogle to social bookmark my stuff and talk to other writers.  That is a fun site and I encourage people to sign up and gain their followers.  I'm usually getting about five to seven new people following each day.

Same with Twitter.  I think I am over 200 followers now.  If you want to gain followers quicker go to YouLikeHits and Traffup.  Traffup is cool and it is free.

I'm a little disappointed with Triond but I will keep trying to write a lot there too.  I don't write a lot every day there.  There are only so many hours every day.  I guess you have to bounce around to the different writing sites where you can earn from your writing.  But it is important to keep active at the ones that you like the most.

Last month I earned 67 cents, which doesn't seem like a lot.  But then I didn't write actively every day.  Yesterday I was at 2 cents and today I jumped to 5 cents.  It just doesn't seem like a lot.  I write a good amount there, but I am wondering what would happen if I wrote ten to twenty things every day there.  It would be interesting to know what would be the result of that.

I also got really surprised a few days ago when I received an email from Hubpages.  The site where I got banned from for blogging.  Which I didn't know I was doing and when I realized it and wanted to fix things, I got canned.  Well, a few days ago, I received an email that I had reached the $50 payout.  And they wanted my new paypal address so they can send me my money.  It floored me and I wondered how I reached the payout.  I think I seemed to earn the most from there.  The last month I was there I had jumped to a little over nine dollars.  Enough to buy a thing of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  I thought I would never see the money.

And then in the end of the email they said, "Happy Hubbing."  Now that left me wondering if I can come back and write more hubs.  Probably not.  I'm waiting for their answer.

I'm not sure what other sites are out there for writing online.  The ones I know about are Triond, Wikinut, Wizzley, Hubpages, Helium, Squiddoo, Newsvine, and I think you can possibly earn on BlogHer.  There must be other sites out there though to write and earn online.  I bet I have only touched the tip of the iceberg.

So I guess the trick is to not give up.  I'm also wondering what would happened if I tried really hard to write here every day.  Perhaps there could be hope that I could become a professional blogger and earn a passive income.  I have yet to reach that goal though.  I guess I'm doing pretty good if I can suddenly pump out a few posts here today.  That would be a feat for me.

Try new things and see what happens.  Get those new beginnings kick started and force yourself to write all the time.  Perhaps the fruits will be sown.

So rule of thumb would be to stick with it and don't ever quit and give up.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 9, 2012

This was one of my porcelain doll heads.  I don't have her anymore, but I still have many pictures of her.  I used to do a lot of experimenting with photography tricks.  I loved to do vignetting and see what see through fabrics and handmade filters would do to make a really cool image.

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