Sunday, January 29, 2012

Knowing When to Stop and Take a Break

Don't we all need to take a break sometimes.  This is why I wasn't online on Blogger for the last few days.  I once again was feeling ill and didn't feel like writing.  It happens.  It was odd.  I had a cold for one solid day last week and was plugged up to the gills.  Then the next day made a miraculous recovery for the most part.

Once again, yesterday I was plugged up again severly.  Went through a whole box of Kleenex and had a watery eye.  Nothing seemed to work and I couldn't relieve myself.  And now today, I feel so much better.

Perhaps I am looking at possible allergies.  I remember from years back having whole months either in early summer or falltime where I would be severly plugged up for the majority of the month.  This was when I first realized that I had allergies.

I had never had any allergies as a kid.  And then suddenly as an adult I am not immune to them.

So when should we let ourselves take a break? 

Sometimes we just need to rest for a day and don't come to our blogs once in a while.  And then we have other days when we want to be writing constantly at the blogs.  But, sometimes we need to slow down and let our brains rest.

This is when we should be reading other people's things and giving our brains the much needed inspiration so that later on we can attempt to come back and write down our thoughts.  What if we never took breaks?  We would probably become washed out and drawn into the vast ocean and swallowed up.  We would run out of much needed energy.

And speaking of energy and metabolism, maybe a walk is needed.  I should do this tomorrow.  I wanted to start a walking routine.  But sometimes the blogger in me just wants to sit at the computer all day and write, surf the net, and go to Ebay.  Check my mail, do some social bookmarking and go to a few of my writing sites.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 29, 2012

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