Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What inspires you to Write

What inspires you to write?  Do you love to write poetry?  Fiction?  Romance, true crime or mysteries?  Or would you rather write prose or short stories?  Or memoirs or journal writing.  Nonfiction.

It's all good.  Where do you get your ideas?  Do you search the Internet for ideas to come to you?  Do you read books and get inspired?  Or maybe something from real life inspires you.  Maybe a news story gets you writing about something and then perhaps it sparks a novel.  Our ideas come from all over the place.

Maybe your writing gets inspired by a picture.  Sometimes poets like to do this.  Have you ever just taken a picture that you find fascinating and then write a poem about it?  We used to analyze photos in photography.  We were taught to be able to describe the whole concept of each image.  We would talk about one photograph for a good ten to fifteen minutes.

Usually you discuss what is in the foreground, the background and everything in between.  What is the feeling of the photograph?  It must move you in someway.  What emotion to it make you feel?  Is it sad, happy, melancholy, angry, or scary?  What is the contrast?  What is happening in the photograph?  Can you create a novel from it?  Perhaps a short story and definitely a poem.

Poems are filled with emotion.  Many times they are simply based on emotions.  It's conveying our thoughts of the moment and we try to freeze our thoughts into a moment in time.  Then publish it so we can have people read it and be left to go on with the emotions that it brought to them.

Sometimes sad poems are fun to write.  You want to make those poems as sad as possible.

Write things that people can relate to. 

Short stories can sometimes lead to a novel. 

Everyone could potentially have a novel inside them.  The depths of our creativity is quite immense.  Sometimes authors find it hard to come up with a lengthy novel.  Some days we just can't seem to find the words to write down.  We can't fathom 50,000 words a day.  That just seems like a lot to shake out of us each day, but some authors can do it.  It just comes naturally.

Journal writing is a lot of fun.  It is sometimes fun just to write a short one or two pages each day and just let it collect and accumulate.

Sometimes we get inspired by other people's writings.  That is why it is always good to keep reading all the time.  My mother used to tell me to always read.  She must have felt that it was important to grow as a writer and an artist.

She never was really creative in the arts herself, but she did possess the wisdom.  I remember countless days at the kitchen table when she and I would have conversations on art.  Sometimes we would disagree on something and it would spark a serious conversation.  Although she wasn't always creative, she always was very supportive of everything I did.

Once, a few months before she died she said, "You're going to do all kinds of amazing things."  She was right. 

We have the capapility to do all kinds of amazing things.

Well, need to call it quits tonight.  Going to go home and get engrossed in my new People magazines and watch my newest Netflix movie that came in the mail.

And relax with my cats.  They've missed me.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 10, 2012

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