Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Write a really Neat Blog

Okay, you want to write a really awesome blog?  First you probably should read some other peoples blogs to find out what people are writing about.  But then it always is a good idea to keep reading other blogs of interest.  You are exercising your brain by reading things. 

Sometimes we need to do this in order to get creative ourselves.  Imagine if we never read anything of anybody's work.  We probably would become quite boring and would always be running out of ideas.

You don't ever want to have your blog feeling like that really old slipper that is on it's last legs.  A blog that is the same all the time, doesn't really get anywhere.

When you decide to buckle down and start writing your blog, first you should think of a really catchy title to your blog.  I'm not sure if I have an absolutely catchy title for this blog, but I am now creating catchy and popular titles for my posts that probably is getting my blog to survive.

You know how we talk about body language and what attracts us to someone?  Well, the same thing can be said about our blogs.  The body language from your blog is either going to gain you readers or push them away.  Your object is to get more readers coming to your blog.

I'm suddenly thinking my
might be popular.  Suddenly I've seen 265 views yesterday and 119 today.  Well, today, I suddenly decided to try writing four posts on my mommie blog and i think I must have hit upon something.  I'm thinking I must have come up with a popular title that people are flocking to. 

So I am thinking I should be active on that one and also push the limits of this one too.  And if i wanted, I could try to come up with a title for a third blog that could potentially get a bunch of readers.  I am really surprised with all the readers in the last few days to this blog.  I am a little baffled.


And when you decide to actually write your blogs, you need to make sure it is quality writing that you are churning out.  Don't write junk.  No intelligent person wants to read junk.  That is usually the stuff that looks like it wasn't spell checked and there are lots of errors all over the place.

You don't want to write like an imbeccile who doesn't know about the english language.  You aren't from a foreign country and you certainly aren't brought up by the grandmother who lives in the sticks and has the sagging boobs and always drinks her moonshine.  What's that old movie?  Sooner?  The one with Lee Remick where she takes the dirty little girl from her uncaring grandmother and tries to make her a really good girl.  She has that pet bird that dies in the movie.

Start writing all kinds of ideas down that would be good for blog posts.  Go to different sites and search for some cool titles that might benefit you in your writing success.

Always read about writing blogs.  Soak in all you can about writing blogs.  Anything can spark your imagination about a cool blog title for your blog.

Keep active.  The more active you are, the more action that your blog is going to get.  This blog has been doing pretty well lately too, but not as fast as that.  I've gotten the most of 29 to 35 views to this blog in one day.  But there must be something about my mommy blog that is gaining some action.

Keep up all the good work and constantly try to polish up your writing.  Read some writing books.  Those are good to read too.  As you might also be wanting to write your novel.  Books on the craft are especially important to read.  A good one that I liked was one written by Janet Evanovich or something.  It was humorous and also informative at the same time. Have you ever read one of those Stephanie Plum mysteries of hers?  They are good.

Think like an author of fiction too when you are blogging.  Kind of pretend that you are blogging your novel and you are gaining your audience.  The craft of writing a novel is also about gathering your audience.  You want people to come read your fiction, right?  Treat your writing posts as if you were writing fiction and you want to publish it locally.  You ultimately want readers and action.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 14, 2012

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