Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Make Compromises

We all need to learn the good practice of compromising.  It is what makes a good marriage work really well and last for a long time.  There are many times when we need to learn the art of the compromise.

Have you ever been in a long relationship or a marriage where you suddenly had to sit down, talk things out and learn to compromise?  Maybe you needed to express the things that you really wanted to strongly stand behind and your partner wasn't willing to do something for you.

This is when you need to talk things out.  Together as a team you need to decide what is important and then you need to work out a compromise to the situation that is going to work for you.

Maybe you want your lover, boyfriend or husband to help out more around the house.  And maybe he would like you to try not to nag him as much.  This is when you both need to realize what you want to happen with each other and make sure that things get played out to your liking.  Obviously, you want a change to happen in the sitution.

Maybe there is something he does all the time and you really don't like it.  And maybe there are things you do that are the same for him.  You both need to realize your faults and you need to work at it to make them better.

Maybe you just wish that he would bring you flowers a little more often.  Or express his love for you a little more.  Or maybe you want something different to happen in the bedroom.  You both need to discuss your wants and desires.  Lay it out on the table and express your needs.  If you do this often, things will change for the better if you are both willing to work at your relationships.

A good marriage or long lasting relationship is always open to compromise.  If you don't talk things out, you will always be wishing for something more.  And perhaps you won't end up getting it, because you didn't push for it.  And maybe the relationship will fizzle.

So if you want a relationship to last forever, learn the art of good compromising skills.  And always talk it out in a positive way.  Don't turn it into a yelling match.  Nobody likes to be criticized and hurt.  Harsh words always kill and you find yourself eating your words for breakfast.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 25, 2012

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