Monday, January 2, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 2 More Beginnings

I wanted to arrive here earlier today, but got sidetracked.  Travelled on the road for an hour and a half this morning, did some errands and arrived at the kids house to spend the day.  This is their last hurrah before school starts again tomorrow.

So as NaBloPoMo begins, so is also a new beginning of the start of a new season of school.  Which also warns us that it will be almost done in a shy five and a half months.  We all know that it arrives so much quicker than we can realize.  Before we know it, another school year has come and gone and our kids will be one grade ahead as soon as summer hits.

Upon arriving at their house, the first thing I set out to do was tackle my bills and get them in tomorrow's mail, go to the bank to deposit money.  All these important things that need to be done.  Tomorrow I need to call my doctor and see what she wanted.  They were closed over the weekend and I have been wondering what it was about.  I'm guessing it's about an appointment that I don't need to end up going to.  So I need to address that situtation bright and early.

Don't we wish we didn't have to take care of bills?  Yuck.  But they keep coming every month.  There's no new beginning to that, unless you can say "That bill is done and no more."  I love when that happens.

And I spied that they had made pizza today, so that's what I had for lunch.  Then I had some of my leftovers for supper.  I don't like eating leftovers too many days in a row.  I often find I throw out as I want something new.  Although with Christmas time it is always great to keep eating potatoes, turkey and gravy for several days.

I just threw out my Cornflake wreaths today.  They formed a big mound and stuck together.  Gone!

New beginnings also mean new foods to hunger over.  I'm craving rice and shall soon be concocting something.

I spend a good amount of time with Ebay today.  Printed out my labels for shipping.  I still have to print a few more that just finished and someone was just asking if I could lower my price on something so she could do a buy it now.  I told her I'm good with that, so maybe I've just made a sale. 

Then I spent a little time listing some antique doll heads and some really expensive ones.  One was a gorgeous Rotraut Schrott doll head and bust.  When she is all finished and she is a one of a kind.  Her originals go for $2000 dollars or more now.  She was an artist from Germany who did one of a kind dolls.  Very elaborate.  Beautiful dolls.

I'd like to start the new year with more space in my house.  I'm anticipating moving someday and want to leave my apartment with less stuff.  I would rather have all the space in the world for my paperdolls and my writings.  That stuff means a lot more to me.

I hope everybodys new beginnings are starting off on a good upwards slant.  Don't you hate it when your new year starts off with some set backs?

Mine has done that a bit today.  I went to pay for my shipping label for a woman from Spain.  Well of course her shipping ended being $30 more than what she paid me for shipping.  I'm upset about that and am hoping she will reimburse me the difference.  She has practically gotten something for nothing and I am out $30 dollars.  I hate when people win my auctions and they are from another country.  When they are in the states they get the basic rates.  I will learn from now on to make sure I really know exactly what it is going to cost them.  I can't keep losing money on that stuff.

I've also learned to lower my bids on ebay.  With a lower starting bid, you are guarunteed more possible bidding on stuff.  My boyfriend said that some auctions will do very well and some I will lose on, but it should even out.

Sometime this month, I need to go back to wordpress and work on the next chapters of my novels.  I've been letting them slide for a few weeks.

So even with new beginnings here now, we all must set our schedules and agendas and keep working on the projects that we started.  After all we want to say that we have reached completion.

I was happy, last night I wasn't so sleepy and got to do some sketching of paperdolls in my sketch book.  I want to keep up with that too.  I find when I haven't done it for a long time, I get rusty.

I also found out I have to return an older model of a Wacom tablet that I bought.  It's not working on my pc.  So that is getting returned tomorrow and he will give me my money back.

This is another thing about the new Year.  Everyone wants to not repeat money mistakes.  Nobody cares very much about returning things, but if it means getting your money back and being able to get something else, so be it.  Now, after returning that, I'm looking at listing all my Wacom stylus sets that I have accumulated.  They are in excellent shape and I don't have the right stuff to get them going.  Oh well.  I did get this cute little size tablet that does work and it is kind of neat.  It's going to take some getting used to as I'm not used to drawing on the computer.

I bought a few burp clothes or cloth diapers today, that I'm going to sew some pretty fabrics to sometime and when my kids have babies they can use the special burp clothes.  I told my daughter how that was what her brother used to wear when he was a baby.  She tossed my burp cloth in my face.  I laughed, and said this one is clean.  Ha ha.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 2, 2012

My daughter's cat drawing.  She's nine.  They are computer pros at drawing.

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