Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wouldn't you rather be an Internet Junkie than a Junkie

Have you ever had anyone call you an Internet Junkie?  I have.  A few months ago, my sister called me an Internet Junkie.  At first it seemed hurtful and it stung a little bit.  I didn't enjoy being called a junkie.

The reason my sister called me this is because I seemed to be immersing myself into the Internet and I knew a lot more about the Internet than she did.  She holds down a regular job and has three kids.  Her husband is a carpenter.  They do use the Internet and their kids like to hop on, yet they aren't on the Internet all the time.  They probably only hop on for a little bit and it isn't all the time.  And they don't rely on the Internet for their jobs.  They are some of the lucky people to be able to hold down a local job that isn't connected with the Internet.

Yet, they do like all the gadgets that us Internet Junkies love.  They like the Iphones, tablets and other hi tech gadgets that controls everyones modern day lives.

Yet, for the past year, I have been one of the people who have been online searching out all kinds of things and opportunities.  I am one of the millions of people who are delving into the online internet and are searching for ways to earn money online.  It can be done.

So after a little bit, I learned to accept my new title, Internet Junkie.  I am proud of it.  It just means I am more knowledgeable of what the Internet has to offer people.  My sister and her family, brother and my father know nothing about earning money online.  They know nothing about writing online, blogging and starting a small business online.  Things I know about and they do not.  Of course, my father comes from the day and age where there were no computers.  He didn't grow up in the techno world. 

But I would much rather be an Internet Junkie than a Junkie.  I would never want to be a Junkie on crack and all kinds of terrible stuff. 

And I find writing online to earn some money to be really rewarding, especially when things start to pick up and I'm doing better on all the writing sites.  While we are new we have to go on a trial phase of learning the ropes and gaining our audience.  It all takes time. 

But the writing and earning online is a whole new ballpark that is here to stay and people need to accept that many of their loved ones are resorting to the Internet to make their money.  Many of us can no longer do it locally anymore.

Which will also be a reason, I will soon start to have my paper dolls for sale on my blogs.  I'm willing to try new things and see what happens.  The Internet is a great place that holds lots of opportunities.  We just have to be careful about the scary part of the Internet and not get sucked in. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 25, 2012

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