Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does Your Blog Have a Junk Drawer?

Does your blog have a junk drawer?  Most blogs probably do have one.  We all know that we can't write perfect blog posts every single time.  There is probably a hidden drawer where some of our posts go.

Maybe some of our blog posts get deleted.  Do some of our posts end up remaining as drafts?  The ones that we feel that shouldn't be aired and are considered trash writing.  Do we have days when maybe we repeat ourselves?  We probably do.

We don't stop to think that maybe we have said something before, but in different words. 

Okay, we have a junk drawer.  By all means, don't throw it out.  You can still use the stuff in your junk drawer.  Just try to hold onto it.  Maybe there is a valuable phrase in there somewhere and you want to pull it out and use it in a new post.

Maybe something just is begging to get written again in a different way.  We just need to see past the old crap that we kind of wish we could throw out.  But we save it out of sentimental reasons.

And if you must throw out the stuff in your junk drawer, sift through it first.  If you find things you like, write them down in a notebook and keep them nearby.  And then you are safe to throw out the stuff that you don't care about.

About a month ago, I went through a whole bunch of hand written pages.  I had all these extra writings on my Lustful Evangelean novel.  They were lots of extra pages where I wrote down extra scenes that didn't get put into my novel.  My novel changed a lot since the first draft and some of this hand written writing was stuff from the original draft. 

I didn't care to keep them, as I had the newer versions of the novel and wanted to just keep the newest stuff. 

So, novelists also have a junk drawer.  Any writer tends to have a junk drawer.  Sometimes it is good to weed out the old junk and decide which pieces are still of importance.

It's the same as cleaning up all the clutter.  We sure do feel better when we can clean the clutter from our lives and then have a fresh look on life.  It's very liberating to clean out.  Give things to Goodwill, sell stuff on Ebay, but get it out of your house.

We seem to hold onto things for sentimental reasons.  Sometimes we think that we might still be able to use something.  So it sits on a shelf untouched for another year.  Some items we just tend to have for decoration and we hold onto things because they are pretty.

I have special tea cups that used to be my Mom's, Nana's and Grammy's.  I don't use them very much, but they used to be their stuff, so it is sentimental.  Some things we would just get shot dead (literally) if we were to get rid of them.  I have a large vanity from my Nana that I would catch holy hell if I ever got rid of it.  It's a three way mirror with a place to sit and drawers on each side and it has a matching chair.  I would never get rid of those.  And when I am dead, my girls can fight over it.

There is one little drawer on the top that I can't get open.  The knob is gone and it is stuck.  I should try sliding a knife at the back of it and see if I can pry it loose.  I would be curious as to what is inside.  Ooh... a little mystery to solve.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 18, 2012

A rag doll I decided to sell on Ebay, but she didn't go.  I'm ending up keeping her.  She was this pretty $25 ragdoll I got at this elderly woman's house.  Her little shop was a really cute little place.  It was about five or six years ago.

I was driving on this long dirt road that leads to the Chapin Apple Orchard.  All my kids have had field trips there in the fall.  Anyway, it was end of summer and I saw a yardsale sign and drove up.  She had a lot of junk in the yard for the actual yardsale.  But then to the side of her house, I discovered a tiny little shop.

When I walked inside, I felt as if I had walked into a little piece of heaven.  This elderly lady had all kinds of handmade crafts for sale, and then she had several tiny rooms full of antiques for sale.  I saw the rag doll and knew I could afford to get her.  The woman also had three or four Raggeddy Ann dolls and some larger dolls that might have been Revlon.  It was a really neat little shop, that was kind of out of the way.  But maybe she was popular.

This last summer, as I drove down the dirt road, I tried to remember where she was, but I couldn't find anything.  Then, I kind of had another thought.  She could have passed away and the shop no longer exists.

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