Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Manage Your Busy Life

We all seem to have busy lives.  Things just seem to get hectic and it's a constant juggling to keep up with the schedule.

Your kids often make your days hectic.  It is nice once they are in school, so you can have some quiet time.  But even then, we seem to be able to fill up the time no problem.  We all have agendas that can very often get crazy.

Then, when they come home, sometimes you are whisking them off to soccer practice, girl scouts, cub scouts or ballet.  Or any other activity that requires you to get them ready to go to their activities.  You are always in a hurry as you want to get them there on time.

And then there are the tearing the hair out moments when they won't get ready like you want them to.  I remember this when my girls did ballet one day a week after school.  They would come home from school, come in and get their snacks and want to chill out and watch tv. 

I usually would give them a few minutes and then get them going.  Sometimes it was like tearing an arm or leg off.  They just didn't want to get into their ballet outfits and were dragging their heels.  It used to bug the hell out of me, and I just wanted to get them all in the car to go.  I usually had to drag their brother, Jake with us too.  He wasn't able to stay home by himself.  We were always the last ones there and sometimes they ended up being ten minutes late.

Lets face it, our lives just get so busy and out of control.  How quickly our agendas get filled up and then we often wonder where the time went.  It is so chaotic.  Kids definitely give you gray hairs.  That's no old wives tale.  Thats the modern woman's tale.

Today, part of my morning was spent sleeping in.  That was my agenda.  I needed extra beauty sleep today.  Then usually when we wake up, we need that strong cup of coffee to set us in motion.

Then I faced a long drive back to my kids house and my apartment.  I took them to my apartment this evening as a woman wanted my free armoire.  We dragged it out and then she didn't think it was going to fit in her car, so I asked her to help me drag it to the street.  Someone is going to take it away.  It's a cute piece of furniture and maybe someone will be able to build some new drawers for the bottom.  I bet it will be gone within a matter of a few days.

It was one of those JC Penney armoires that you have to put together.  I put it together myself and I don't think I ended up putting the drawers together just right, as they both eventually broke.  And you could never open up the bottom drawer.  It kind of got stuck underneath the top one. 

It feels good to get rid of furniture that you don't need.  Now the only things I wish to get rid of eventually is my entertainment center and my couch and my mattress.  But right now I am using them.  If I eventually move, I won't need them.

When I got back to the kids house today, I had to spend time packaging my ebay items that needed to get shipped out.  I made sure I used a good amount of bubble wrap on some of the breakable stuff.  I will be surprised if they actually break as I put a good amount of bubble wrap on them.  If something does break, from now on I am going to ask them to send me a picture of the broken product.  Who knows if things really break.  Sometimes people try hard to get something for nothing.

I brought some of my dolls back to my house this evening.  I've decided they are too expensive to list, seeing as most bidders just want something that is cheap and I'm not willing to let some of them go for practically nothing, when I probably spent well over $100 for them.  Not worth it.  I don't need to get rid of them that bad.  I put my $300 Armand Marseille Floradora doll back in my curio cabinet.

Some days, doesn't it seem like the errands never end?  And then, we sometimes have to make a bunch of phone calls?  They have to get done.

I think the trick of managing our busy lives is a big juggling act.  We just need to balance everything out.  And if we don't get to it one day, we need to make it top priority the next.  Things need to get done.  Bills need to be paid.

Maybe you have to take the tv in for repairs, or you have to call the plumber to fix your toilet.  We used to have to do that years ago.  Our son, Jake used to watch that Flushed Away movie, and then he would go into the bathroom and flush a few of his toys down the toilet.  Then we would get a plugged up toilet.

One year, a cloth diaper plugged up a toilet.  It got flushed down by accident.

Needless to say, I think we threw out that movie.  He did this two times that I can recall and we had to call the plumber both times.

And you always need to make a trip or two to the grocery store each week.  We're always running out of food.  And don't you hate it when you get there, you get everything but the one or two things that you forgot to get.  Maybe that's your third trip to the grocery store.

And Valentines Day is coming up so sometimes we find ourselves doing some early shopping for it.  I did that today for at least a few of my kids.  I bought stuff for the three younger ones.  I'm not getting my oldest one chocolate this year.  I got them all chocolate last year and then I found my son's bar in the falltime.  Still good, so I ate it and shared it with the girls.  My daughter, Mollyanne got angry with me saying that it was Sean's.  And I had to tell her that he wouldn't care if we ate it.  We simply couldn't let it go to waste.

Homework and chores tend to also take up a lot of time.  Chores are never ending.  The dishes always pile up and so does the laundry.  Before you know it, you're looking at a big heap of dirty laundry that needs to be cleaned.  Some people let it pile up for well over a week, and then I imagine they are doing laundry for the whole day and then some.

Cooking sometimes takes up time.  Especially if we have that fancy dinner on our agenda.  And then after the kids are in bed, sometimes the agenda is still staring us in the face.  Fix me.  Clean me.  Do some dusting.

Who does dusting nowadays.  I used to do it every week and then it's the occasional thing.  We often don't want to do the extra cleaning.  But eventually it needs to be done.

How many people know that eventually they need to clean their ovens?  If you are a baker, your oven probably gets dirty quicker.

It's just a constant managing of everything.  When can we find the time?  And then, we also want to carve out time for ourselves and do something that we really enjoy.  How many put it off tomorrow?

I can't find the time.  I haven't read a book in years.  Gardening?  Who has time to do the weeding?  I can't seem to find a spare moment to do the things I want.  I'll never get back to that.  I have no time to spare.

Yes, you do.  If you really want to do the things you want to do, you can find a little time in your heaven's playtime.  Just make yourself go and do what you want to do.  And make it a daily ritual.

You've managed to balance your busy life and add a little fun to it too.  That is very important to make it fun.  Enjoy the journey of each day.  Each day has something new to offer us if we let ourselves do it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 10, 2012

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