Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Follow Your Calling and Follow Your Heart

What does your heart say to you?  Does it tell you to find your calling?  You usually know when you have found the thing that you are meant to do.  Some of us are put on this world to save lives.  They have a powerful calling to heal wounds and mend bodies.  Because all these people who need saving badly, also have a calling that is all their own.

The mother who sacrifices herself and her time and love to raise a child.  The worker who believes in hard work for a lifetime.  The artist who lives and breathes a dream.

We all have dreams, hopes, passions and things that we believe in the most and we all want to follow our hearts.

We dare to dream and reach for the moon.  To grasp a piece of imaginary cheese in our hands it the calling that beckons us to follow.  Follow your whims as they may lead you to your secret path.  Follow the cravings that tell you that you want more. 

Dare to race for the open door that has your name on it.  That door tells you that opportunity is knocking.  And an open door is always better than a closed one.  The closed door is the one you tried and it didn't work.  You didn't have the right key to the formula.  It didn't possess the magic like Harry Potters key.

Put hard work, long hours and lots of patience that good things will come.  Don't be discouraged when it doesn't happen overnight.  All good things take time and effort.  Not too many people become famous overnight.  For many will say, it took years and years and I finally got where I wanted to go.

Fly to great depths and hold onto your grounded self.  Fly on cloud 9, but come down and linger in reality that tells you your dream will take time.

Whatever your calling is, believe in it forever.  Don't let it drift away and become the sinking raft.

Stand by your dreams, and don't let anyone poke a hole in them.  Don't ever listen to defeat or it will have you by the tail.  And the devil will take you down with him.

Go with the flow, as each passing day holds new hope and promise for your calling to be fulfilled.  You are power, a goddess and a force so strong.  Leap across the rolling river, let your heartstrings run wild, and dare to swim across oceans to fulfill your calling to yourself and the world.

Your calling is waiting for you.  Go find it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 25, 2012

Hold the Rose and smell your dreams.

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