Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is Earning From Blogging Like a Mirage in a Desert?

Have you decided to try your hand at blogging with the idea in the back of your mind thinking that you will earn a lot of money on your blog?  Don't we all have that desire to see our blogs earn us a lot of passive income?  And then we begin to blog our hearts out and then suddenly we still see nothing.

It's becoming like we are walking in the middle of the vast desert and then we see a mirage that is a big dollar sign from google adsense saying that we have earned a lot of money.  Ka-ching!  We rush through the hot, hot sand and arrive at the lake like mirage and when we have reached it, the dollar sign is gone and there is nothing waiting for us.

It is suddenly nice to see more readers anyway, when you begin to be more active with your blogs.  That is nice.  Sometimes we wish that more readers would comment.  We love the feedback and love to hear their response to our posts.  So if anybody would like to respond, I will gladly accept any comments.  Thank-you.

In the last few days, I have been doing some searching on blogs by others and trying to find some titles that I would like to use on my blogs.  I'm going to try keeping a journal of ideas for this.  And will see if I can write in it daily, so I will have it to refer to.

I have subscribed to some blogging newsletters from some blogging sites.  Hopefully they will have some good ideas for blogging.  Hopefully something will get triggered.

But, seriously Blogging sometimes does seem like a mirage.  You figure that there are millions of us that are attempting to blog and find that we get lost in the shuffle.  Perhaps we don't have the best blog title for our blog.  But if we keep attempting to arrive daily to write our stuff, we can keep it up and accumulate our readership.  The ones who want to come back for more.

Blogging could also kind of be considered a drug.  Blogging is an addiction that we can't seem to get enough of and it is much better than our cup of coffee.  Blogging is just plain old good fun.  So I would encourage people to keep doing it anyway.  Do it for the love of blogging.  And if you are passionate about it, take your blogging seriously, and faithfully come back to it, just maybe, and I mean maybe, you will find your mirage to hold some truth.

A desert doesn't last forever.  Sometimes we do reach the end and find the forest.  Which is also vast.  But my favorite is when you come to the ocean and can feel the gentle crash of the waves hit your feet.  And all the little grains of sand get washed away with the tiny shells.

And what is your gem of the day?  Finding something that didn't exist before?  Arriving to your blog and finding something there waiting for you?  A new topic that is going to excite you to no end?  Words that are waiting for your fingers to type them out?

So get busy and find that mirage of yours.  I will keep searching for mine.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 15, 2012

Someone shared this on my igoogle page.  A very pretty picture.  Perhaps she is looking for her mirage.

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  1. Hello Jennifer, Yep I am also waiting to the pay day through Goggle adsense . I have had my blog for about 2 years and hardly make any money but the purpose is to help others that have struggled with an addiction. Keep wring and searching out blogs and our day will come, all in time :)Great Blog too!

  2. I'm very new to blogging and hubbing (HubPages) and I understood every word you wrote. I know it's going to take some time. It takes time for the search engines to like you. Thanks for sharing this universal truth. It makes the Adsense revenue, or lack there of, easier to swallow knowing others experience the same thing.

  3. So true, it takes a lot of time and none of us are alone in this.

  4. Yes, hopefully our day will come. As long as we keep trying.

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  9. I think you're absolutely right. We have to go through the desert mirage in order to get to the really good stuff. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I thought of quitting the first two years and now I'm building a network. What made me go from a thought of quitting to transforming what I love to do into a network? Passion!